Public Lands Coalition for 118 & 190

This November, voters will have the opportunity to approve two ballot measures to legalize and tax the adult (21+) use of recreational marijuana in Montana. These measures present a rare opportunity to significantly boost conservation efforts in Montana, including protecting water quality, preserving wildlife habitat, bolstering state parks, and maintaining local parks and trails throughout the state.

About CI-118 and I-190

I-190 is a statutory initiative that legalizes, regulates, and taxes marijuana in Montana. This is how we are going to earn millions of dollars for Montana’s public lands.
CI-118 amends the Montana Constitution to make the minimum age for consumption and purchase of marijuana 21.
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Legalization is popular and likely to pass in Montana very soon. These ballot measures are our chance to secure public lands funding with the revenue.
Legalization would provide more than $18 million per year to benefit our public lands.
These additional funds would help to address the state’s backlog of repairs to campgrounds, trails, wildlife habitat - opening access and increasing maintenance on our public lands.
Boosting funds to our public lands boosts our quality of life; this is a win-win for the conservation community and all Montanans.