A Windfall of Revenue

Legalization would provide more than $18 million per year to benefit our public lands; both maintaining current access and opening up new opportunities for recreation.

These additional funds would help to address the state’s backlog of repairs to campgrounds, trails, wildlife habitat, opening access and increasing maintenance on our public lands.

With over $60 million of unmet public lands needs in Montana, the revenue from marijuana legalization would be a major windfall.

Conservation is consistently underfunded in Montana, and we have to make investments now to protect these resources for future generations. Revenue from legalization could boost conservation and recreation programs by $18 million every year, providing an excellent opportunity to fill in the gaps.

With the recent full & permanent funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, it is more important than ever that the state is able to offer matching funds in order to make the most of these federal dollars.

More funding for conservation will improve the outdoor recreation experience.

Additional funding for our public lands is good news for everyone. Habitat restoration and wildlife management means better hunting and fishing. Increased funding for trails and parks means easier access to the most beautiful parts of our state. Robust investments in public land infrastructure boosts the outdoor recreation economy and improves our quality of life.

The opportunities to improve access to and care for Montana’s outdoors abound, including:

  • Increasing and maintaining fishing access sites, which are absolutely vital to recreation on our waterways.
  • Constructing and maintaining campgrounds, particularly in high traffic areas struggle with overcrowding
  • Building new trails and increasing maintenance on current, popular trails to encourage responsible use.